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School governors and trustees play a crucial role in improving school performance by providing support and challenge to the headteacher and their leadership team. However, this can sometimes be difficult. Many governors and trustees are short on time and do not have a background in teaching. It can also be hard to know where to find jargon-free and trustworthy information.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Guide to becoming an evidence-informed school governor and trustee is designed to offer a quick way into the high-quality evidence the EEF makes freely available to all schools.

It offers practical next steps and tips for further reading framed around three key questions for governors to ask:

· How well are pupils achieving in your school?

· How effectively is your school spending its money?

· How does your school support effective teaching and learning?

It recommends thinking of evidence as offering “best bets” – valuable starting points for a better-informed discussion in your governing board about how your school can improve.

The guide – which is free to read and download from the EEF’s website here: – also includes key questions to ask before schools think about buying in a programme and four tips on making the most of your Pupil Premium.

The report is part of the EEF’s aim to ensure the evidence it generates is put to good use not only by senior leaders and teachers, but also by other key decision-makers, including governing boards, providing the basis for an overall advance towards evidence-informed school improvement.

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